Our waterless body lotion bar helps provide relief to sore muscles, joint pain, etc. because it is infused with menthol and arnica. Packed with skin-nourishing mango butter, hemp seed oil, and CBD. This formula is from only quality ingredients and NO WATER which gives you the best value for their money. The effect of the menthol takes a few extra minutes to kick in but it lasts longer and you use less.

CBD Pain Relief Freeze Bar

    • Mango Butter is rich in oleic acid and stearic acid which provides nourishment to help soothe and heal dry skin. Really awesome butter which is similar to cocoa and shea butter but less greasy.
    • Hemp Seed Oil is probably the best oil for skincare because it mimics our skin so much. It is also full of amino acids and fatty acids which moisturize the skin while being a “dry”, non-comedogenic oil (doesn’t clog pores). I use unrefined hemp seed oil to make sure the client gets all of the beneficial nutrients from the oil.
    • Menthol will provide that cooling sensation that helps ease muscle aches.
    • Arnica is this little yellow/orange daisy looking flower that has been used for centuries for pain relief. It is used mainly for muscle aches and pains, joint pain, and inflammation. I infuse the flowers myself to make sure we get as much goodness as possible in the bar.